The Library

In no particular order what I have been reading, have read and loved:

A Natural History of the Senses                      Diane Ackerman

Coming Into Being                                            William Irwin Thompson

Winter’s Tale                                                      Mark Helprin

The Black Swan                                                  Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The Slow Down Diet                                          Marc David

Home Cooking                                                    Laurie Colwin

Guns, Germs and Steel                                      Jared Diamond

Persuasion                                                            Jane Austen

To Kill a Mockingbird                                        Harper Lee

Oryx and Crake                                                    Margaret Atwood (anything by her is very good)

A Blue Fire                                                             James Hillman

The Mary Russell Series                                      Laurie King

Bird By Bird                                                           Ann Lamott

The Cloister Walk                                                  Kathleen Norris

Home                                                                      Bill Bryson

The Dance of Intimacy                                        Harriet Goldhor Lerner

The Cake Bible                                                       Rose Levy Beranbaum

Rose’s Christmas Cookies                                    Rose Levy Beranbaum

What the Dog Saw  and everything else he has written   Malcolm Gladwell

The Shikasta Series                                               Doris Lessing

Into The Wild, Into Thin Air                               Jon Krakauer

The Sibley Guide to Birds                                    David Allen Sibley

Earthly Meditations (poetry)                              Robert Wrigley

Poems from Ish River Country                          Robert Sund

White Pine  (poetry)                                             Mary Oliver

Sweet Machine (poetry)   and all the rest        Mark Doty

The Omnivore’s Dilemma                                  Michael Pollan

Five Quarters of the Orange                              Joanne Harris

Leap                                                                        Terry Tempest Williams

Love in the Time of Cholera                              Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Partnership Way                                          Riane Eisler

The Twilight of the American Culture            Morris Berman

Heat                                                                       Bill Buford

Gertrude Bell                                                       Georgina Howell

The Stuff of Thought                                          Steven Pinker

The Professional Baker                                      Wayne Gisslen

The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light          William Irwin Thompson

Jitterbug Perfume                                              Tom Robbins

War Is A Force That Makes Us Human        Chris Hedges

The Lisbeth Salander Trilogy                          Stieg Larsson

Hot, Flat, And Crowded                                   Thomas Friedman

From Beruit to Jerusalem                               Thomas Friedman

The Richness of Life                                         Stephen Jay Gould

The Crystal Cave Trilogy                                  Mary Stewart

Mastering the Art of French Cooking I         Julia Child

The Classic Italian Cookbook                         Marcella Hazan

The Book of J                                                     Harold Bloom

News of the Universe  (poetry)                      Edited by Robert Bly


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