If I Were a Dish

You would serve me up on a silver platter or

wrapped in a blue and yellow flower print table cloth.

Mix up fresh peeled garlic, chopped fresh basil, oregano and mint.

Saute these in Spanish olive oil, add rice and stock, your choice of thighs, or breasts,

cook a while, pile on the shrimp, mussels, and hot sausages. Cover and steam, take off cover and allow the rice to form crust on bottom….a few more minutes.

If I were you I would sprinkle a few Spanish green olives over the top.

Take to the table and eat with as many friends possible.

I live in the pacific northwest , surrounded by some of the last best farmland, vegetables, berries, apples, grains, right next to Puget Sound. I teach kids how to cook, about science, and thinking about life consciously. they teach me back. Most of the pictures I post come from my back yard or neighborhood.

I owned my own bakery and catering company from 1991 to 2004 in LaConner, Washington. I gave it away to teach culinary arts and cook for the local school district. You could say i am a lunch lady gourmand.

I have traveled up and down the west coast, Hawaii, Alaska, spent some time in Egypt, Sudan, Greece, Israel, I don’t collect anything physical, except the spoon rests my husband gives me every darn year for Christmas !!!

I’ve lived here with my big love for 23 24  25 years, currently with Monk the four year old puppy, and Jojo the tabby cat, in a house so old it has square nails that pop out from time to time.

I love the grand mystery, true response vs reaction, figuring things (anything!) out.

Comice pears ripen in August, ripen so quickly if you blink it’s over, we only see them in the market for a week or two. They have this heady syrupy flavor, almost a little Oregon Pinot Gris there. We eat them lovingly, and fast, over the sink.


3 Responses to “If I Were a Dish”

  1. ewn Says:

    Georgia, I am looking forward to the conversation.

  2. Kat Says:

    I really appreciated your comment/ visit to my blog. I love your “if I were a dish” description here- very poetic! I’m excited to keep reading- your background and work are fascinating, and I was happy to see that you post pictures of the school lunches you help put together. I’m very interested in how the majority of people in this country eat and what kinds of food they can/ can’t access, and school lunches is a great place to start with that discussion. I look forward to reading much more!

  3. Rich Tiedeman Says:

    Wonderful, well worded “If I were a Dish”. I’m very impressed indeed, very!

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