Seven Layer Yum Pie from Culinary Arts

My students must create a recipe, demonstrate it in front of the class, and serve it nicely, for one of their final semester projects. This is one of those projects…..

Imagine soft, caramelish chocolate chip cookie dough for the base, about 1 inch high

next comes rich fudge, the creamiest fudge ever made with dark chocolate, on top of the cookie dough, about 1 inch high

then comes a layer of Reese’s Peanut butter cups, stacked 2 high on top, remember to take them out of their little papers!

now, take a package of dark chocolate instant pudding mix and whip it with 1 cup of milk to make a very thick, rich pudding and spread this over the peanut butter cups

whew! next layer on Oreos, Sammie and Lydia used double stuffed, but apparently you can use mint, peanut butter, sugar free, vanilla, what ever you like, and these can be stacked 2 high as well, if you wish

for the top, whip 1 cup of cream until stiff, whip in a bit of sugar and vanilla, then slather that over the cookie

it wouldn’t be finished without the cherry on top….as many as you like, read the ingredient label before eating!

then for that mountain look and texture you may crumble 2 oreos over the top and this completes the 7 Layer Yum Pie…..or mountain, complete with glaciers, boulders, snow and …..chocolate. Nice job chefs!


One Response to “Seven Layer Yum Pie from Culinary Arts”

  1. Laura Boynton Says:

    Okay! This is an ironic post under which to leave this comment, but I just read the article about you in “Grow” magazine. I teach in the Bellingham School District and I applaud, laud, sing your praises! Your district is so lucky to have a trained chef, a poet, an eloquent and concerned employee working on behalf of their children’s health! I hope we soon see bigger changes in our district! Thank you! Laura

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