Warm and Rich Pie for Winter

This kind of pie is eaten slowly, small bites, waiting minutes between, because we don’t want it to ever end. Perhaps there is a dollop of fresh whipped cream, taken without sugar and vanilla, because we want the perfect clean foil for the intensity, the majesty, of this pie.

This pie has everything a winter pie deserves and expects. It has crunch, it has a saucy, sweet, southern mouth, and it commands your attention like Elizabeth Taylor in her tiara and pearls. You can’t say no. Even after seconds of mashed potatoes.

This pie is an adaptation of the pecan pie in Joy Of Cooking, the old version. Bruce wanted walnuts, fresh, crunchy, full of fat, walnuts. So we chopped some of them fine, left some chunky for a crunchy top, traded maple syrup and dark corn syrup instead of the light, giving it voodoo status, added my special vanilla that will take your hair down and maybe one layer of clothing off.

We blind baked the pie crust (you remember the crust recipe from last summer?) and then filled and baked at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Don’t over bake. Filling can still be somewhat soft. If the top darkens cover with foil last few minutes. You want it while it is still warm, crunchy top, soft filling, buttery golden crisp crust. Ice cream will deflect it’s perfection. Simple whipped cream….this is an earth tilting closer to the sun kind of moment. Make it last.


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