2011 Canoe Journey Chronicle of Canoes

The Swinomish Tribe hosted the 2011 Inter Tribal Canoe Journey this last week. I live on the other side of the channel and so had a wonderful view of the arrival procession of canoes, and then seven days of protocols, singing and drumming took place in the village. You had to be there. Below are some of the canoes that made the journey, some coming from as far away as the north end of Vancouver Island. Click on the photos to enlarge so you can see the details.

Above a waterproof canvas canoe with wood frame.

Some canoes were made of fiberglass, some were carved out of one red cedar tree, taking over two years to finish.

  This is a gorgeous example of traditional painting of the salmon.

On the right you can see the carving, as well as the gear needed for travel.

The Swinomish built three pavilions patterned after their traditional woven cedar hats, that are at home on the new beach and park they created for the Canoe Journey, afterward for all to enjoy. The Canoes are gone now, but we will all remember the beauty of the songs and the generosity of the Swinomish People.


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