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Culinary Arts Students Working

May 5, 2011

Welcome back to our Culinary Arts room.  I want to tell you about the great students I have this semester. There is a nice mix of young men and women.  I find that each student has a talent for some aspect of cooking/baking. they all are beginning to pay attention to the details. Several of the lesson plans hone in on those important details.I ask the questions – what kind of visual details make a food appear more delectable, seductive (yes), palatable? What is the nature of a proper, stunning garnish?

today we played with cream puffs, opening them up carefully, filling so that the filling showed in an attractive way, and decorating with a variety of sauces and added fillings, even playing with viscosity for a particular effect. I made a standard ganache with part kept warm for drizzling and the other room temp for scooping. We made a caramel sauce and set up the same kind of viscosity for that. My caramel sauce formula is 2 parts sugar to 1 part cream to 1/2 part unsalted butter, with a pinch or two of salt added at the end. After all the stuffing and drizzling we plated our sweet jewels for the camera.

Here is a picture of students working:

Now I know some folks would   be worried about working with bare hands on food that will be served right away with out cooking. My students are going to eat all of these themselves! or perhaps share with friends (: My feeling on the matter of bare hands is that as long as we are keeping a very clean station, our hands are washed often, then it is important to handle foods, make good communication and understanding with and about our foods. Barriers do get in the way of this. There are always special circumstances. We take that into account.

Here are some more photos:

We used a black tablecloth for a back drop and don’t you think a doily always makes food look more refined, special? Mothers Day is this Sunday and I encourage everyone to make whipped cream filled cream puffs for mom or grandma.