Another School Lunch Tray #3

Lasagna was on the menu today at school. We actually use that old lasagna recipe that is in the old USDA cook book. We just use the best ingredients we can get. We use real ricotta and mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. Ken cooks down the lasagna sauce with tomato paste and lots of herbs, then puts it all together. It is really good. We get frozen haricot verte and flash cook them just before serving so they are bright green tender and flavorful. Our rolls….I used to make them before my hands gave out. These are whole grain light and nutty. Students had a choice of bananas, on the menu, and a bowl of satsumas or apples.

So, does anyone out there have concerns about the big milk producers putting high fructose corn syrup in the chocolate milk these days? I’d rather it had some real fat in it and a little real sugar than HFCS. You can read about this stuff. Look it up.

Here is the salad bar…..after about 150 students plowed through…..lasagna is popular, usually not so much left.


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