Christmas Cookies……The Sprinkles Overload Lesson

For the last couple of years I have been purchasing my sprinkles for cookies from Market Spice in the Pike Place Market. They have the large size and a wonderful range of colors. And the retail price is very good. I usually get about $80 worth for all the events we make cookies for. I like to buy things from India Tree but they have a big minimum price for shipping. I used their decorative beads, sugars and snow flakes, etc. when I owned my own bakery. I miss making the star cookies with pale blue icing and big white crystals….Or the angels with pale yellow and blue.

Last night was the Tree Lighting ceremony in LaConner. I couldn’t be there because of a prior commitment to read poems….but the cookies were a big hit with the kids. Here are some of them, just finished and waiting to dry for packing.

Somehow that little teddy bear cookie seems appropriate, slightly out of focus as though reeling from too much sugar, not sure what the decorator’s intent was with that last big button of red. We had fun and you can tell. And at this point in the semester we are looking for fun. Just wait for the Croquembouches coming next week. WoooHoooo!


3 Responses to “Christmas Cookies……The Sprinkles Overload Lesson”

  1. Marci Plank Says:

    The cookies sure were a BIG hit last night! Thank you so much. Sorry you couldn’t be there. Have you seen Gilkey Square all lit up? It is a think of beauty!

  2. Kat Says:

    I love cookie decoration! i wish I was still a kid… sigh. 🙂

  3. Baby coupons free Says:

    I love cookie decoration! i wish I was still a kid… sigh.

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