Olives, Figs, Lemon, Goat Cheese and HomeMade Crackers

Last weekend I finally made…..crackers. I have wanted to do this since tasting some at Nell Thorn a while back. I served the crackers with one of my favorite cheeses and a mixture of caramelized onion, green and nicoise olives, figs, and toasted almonds, and a bit of orange peel….the photo shows lemon peel…that’s what I have in the fridge this morning.

the cracker recipe came from 101 cookbooks, a place I go to often to get started with recipes and ideas. In fact, in my work at school when staff asks how to make something I often tell them to just google 101 cookbooks and look for it. I made some crackers with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper. I liked brushing them with more extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkling on toppings. I did have to press the sesame seeds in with a rolling pin. I also used the pin to roll the dough out instead of a pasta machine. The pin worked just fine. The recipe does say to stretch the dough out a bit before placing on the baking sheet. One needs to be careful not to handle the dough too much. The first cracker was a bit….tough after baking.

I also want to report that I have purchased the food trays without compartments and have got the china plates washed and am just waiting for the right lunch that can easily be served on real plates!!! for the high school students. My thoughts are that frequent use of real plates might encourage a new level of maturity….kind of like little kids finally getting to sit at the big table for Thanksgiving. I will let you know how this turns out, with pictures.

Here is the photo of my home made crackers, goat cheese, and olive/fig mix.



One Response to “Olives, Figs, Lemon, Goat Cheese and HomeMade Crackers”

  1. Crissa Says:

    How fun. Who would ever think to make a cracker. I’m going to try it. They look wonderful. I love having you at my fingertips. đŸ™‚

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