Western Washington Wet

If you live in Western Washington and were present today, October 17, you were witness to our watery weather phenomenon called “wet”. The weather person will just say “it is going to wet” and we all know what that means. If you know what drizzle is…this isn’t it. It is rain, all day, without relief, until late, just before sunset. When I say wet think of the gutters if the seams have cracked over the summer and there are waterfalls at the corners of the house. Think of a dogs food bowl on the back porch full of water and swimming slugs. Think Helly Hansen yellow. Even the intrepid folks who invented REI are having second thoughts about that hike up to Schreibers Meadow or Sauk Mountain. If you are a high school football or soccer player, or coach, who had a game today, I am so sorry. Make sure you take your vitamins and get to bed early tonight.

And then……about 5pm, the front, which is what this is called, broke up from the southwest, which is usually the direction the “wet” comes from. And the light is special, one of our little secrets here, especially in Skagit Valley. Know that first spring day, the really first spring, day, not necessarily March 21. There is warmth coming down from above, everything sparkles. Or how about that first snowy evening when you watch the wonder of flakes dancing in the street light?

This is what happens here after the front blows over and we get the last 22 minutes of sunset.. Can you believe these colors?




IMG_0240The tree above is a 75 year old black walnut. Thank god the neighbors know what they have and keep it. Wood workers are hoping for the storm that will blow it down.

And here are some more mysteriously beautiful critters.



Thanks for joining me today….I hope you enjoyed the “wet”, and are now inside…waiting for the lightening they say is coming along with the next front.


3 Responses to “Western Washington Wet”

  1. Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca) Says:

    Wow – absolutely beautiful pictures! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall colours!

    • sweetcomice Says:

      thanks for looking at my blog. Yes, it was an amazing evening out there. Where are you? Does the “ca” denote Canada?

  2. Kat Says:

    I love the beautiful leaves and pumpkins- fall is gorgeous over there!

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