Culinary Arts Class Baking In October

Here are a few pictures of little works of art baked by my students.

IMG_0178these were ginger molasses cookies baked for the parent open house. there are several students who have a natural inclination for decorating. We used royal icing for the tops.

IMG_0179these are a cross between apple galettes and apple dumplings…..we used granny smith apples right now, and will move on to jonagolds in a week or so. We use a pie crust recipe with a few pinches of sugar added. We sell these at our stand at the pumpkin patch.

IMG_0188All the proceeds from the stand go to purchasing chef coats for everyone and some great field trips to Seattle restaurants and food purveyors. Ever try a hot caramel apple cider with whipped cream top? You can get them from our stand. Plus pumpkin cream cheese muffins, our signature ginger molasses pumpkin cookies with scary decorations.


3 Responses to “Culinary Arts Class Baking In October”

  1. Kat Says:

    Oh my goodness! How cute! If I lived in Seattle, I would totally be your #1 customer. The apple cider with whipped cream sounds amazing, and the apple turnovers/ pastries look wonderful as well. What an amazing idea for your students… I hope it pays for lots of wonderful field trips for them- they work hard!

  2. Cydney Perkins Says:

    Yes it’s me, the only Cydney you’ve probably known in your life!! I received a snail mail note from Lane Hoback today. He wanted to be sure I knew about Jill’s recent medical diagnosis. He said he had been in contact with you as well. Nice of him to think of us. I had already been notified through Julie and used the Caring Bridge site to communicate with Jill and her family. I hope her recovery from sugery goes well and she can enjoy some quality time with the ones that mean the most to her. Just have to say Georgia, your blog is pretty darn nice. I’m looking forward to trying some of your recipes! Nice photos too. Take care. Cyd

    • sweetcomice Says:

      Yes, you are the only Cydney I’ve ever known!
      So nice to hear from you. And difficult to learn about Jill’s illness.
      It seems like I am always looking for someone at Caring Bridge. We’ve had several child age cancers here in LaConner that did not go well and Caring Bridge is the agency we have used to keep track of our kids.
      Thanks for looking at my blog. It is really the place where I practice my writing…..but Bruce bought me a new camera and I do love posting the photos too. I’ve been trying to show what my culinary arts students are baking and cooking as well.
      I hope YOU are well and life is good. I understand your son might be coming out this direction for post secondary education. Let me know if you ever are headed towards Julie and Toms house. I know the way and would love to see you…
      You take care!

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