Copper Pots Made New

When I first met my husband, Bruce, about 23 years ago, I loved how he cooked: roasted king salmon with pesto, big salads with all kinds of vegetables, couscous! I’d never met a man who loves couscous, let alone knew what it was. He’s a hunter so we eat what he brings home. Venison tacos, lightly sauteed steaks with a green peppercorn sauce…..Bobcat tacos, Pasta ala Roberto. There have been items I’ve balked at….but he really knows how to take care of animals and cook correctly……

And so we come to his kitchen and another item that helped seal the deal in my romance with him….beautiful, well-used copper pots, saute pans and a casserole dish I drooled over. Over the years we have worn out the tin or stainless steel, pot by pot, until this year we were using our odd stainless pans and pots because the copper showed through on every one.

I finally found a company in Lake Oswego, Oregon, called A.I.C.,Allied Industrial Coating,  that re-tins copper. I sent them down this summer and just got them back. I made a tomato, garlic and cream sauce last night….Here are the copper beauties…the casserole will make mac n cheese for 12 easily!



Cooking with copper can be a dream…and a challenge. The heat can be manipulated so well, if one knows what one is doing. Copper and gas can create the most wonderful crusts on proteins, braising can be really nice too, oven caramelized foods are beautiful.

And, of course, melting sugar for creme caramels and sauces are just the best… can get the full range of amber colors with a little attention.

So, I recommend this company, not inexpensive, but they did a very nice job and polished the copper too. A.I.C. in Lake Oswego, Oregon.


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