Skagit River Poetry Project and Festival

Dear Friends of the Skagit River Poetry Project and Festival:

It is a sunny May day in LaConner Washington. The streets are filled with excited students from 6 school districts and two colleges, scurrying to get to the next poetry venue on time, so they do not miss: Kurt Lambkin singing poems and playing his Kora, Jimmy Santiago-Baca tells stories and reading poems about inner-city times, Lorna Crozier talking about the writer’s life and how her poems get made, not to mention Sam Green, our Washington State Poet Laureate, coaxing the poem from unsuspecting students.

I’m sure you have your own stories of who you’ve seen and heard, and had memorable conversations with, over the eleven years the Skagit River Poetry Project has been bringing poets to the valley and into our schools. Your children have come home inspired to write, to perform, moved by the life of a poet.

During the 2008-2009 school year the SRP project put poets into five school districts from Concrete to Bellingham, for seventy-five days, with over 10,000 students involved. Poets went into classrooms, were guests at assemblies, reading, talking, teaching. Students listened, read, wrote and dreamed. Perspectives changed. This is magic.

Well, dear friend, all this is in danger of dying.

Many of our fine supporters from years past are having to work under the same economic difficulties as the rest of the nation. School districts, private and state foundations are tightening their budgets. These institutions know how important the SRPP is yet must make cuts. So please, in the last eleven years, if you came home from the Skagit River Poetry Festival invigorated, enlightened, inspired, buzzed about Billy Collins or any other poet, please donate to the project now, today.

The Project and Festival website will be up and running soon, where you can check out current poetry in the school examples and the line up for Festival 2010.

You can send checks, made out to the Skagit River Poetry Project, to:

Attn: David Cram, Financial Officer

LaConner School District

POBOX 2103

LaConner, Wa. 98257

Thank you on behalf of all the students and board members who work so hard to make poetry happen.

Georgia Johnson

Board Member


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