Hedlin Farms Eat Local Picnic

Last Sunday, folks all around the Skagit Valley attended their neighborly eat-local, eat home made, picnic. Us LaConnerainians (rhymes with Pommeranian) went out to the Hedlin Farms Stand. David and Company provided the accoutramont, hay bales and picnic tables, beverages, fresh cooked corn from the fields. The rest of us gleaned from our gardens, our CSA boxes, roamed the many local stands, to fulfill our part of the bargain. There were fresh crudite platters and home made dips, salads showing every conceivable color and shape, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. Kai’s fresh salsa with home made pita was not to be missed. There was delicata squash stuffed with an incredible nut mixture, tabouli with more tomatoes, lovely scalloped potatoes, several recipes of this, I had Janna’s. And the desserts……pear crisp, apple crisp, stewed Italian Plums, (WOW!) and…..fresh pumpkin ice cream. This is just a sampling. If I missed your dish….I know I am sorry!

Here’s a few photos of the day and the Hedlin Produce Stand:








thank you Serena, David, Mary, Lauren, Kai, and everyone else at the farm, and all my neighbors.


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