Real People Eating Real Food Revisited

My first concern, 5 years ago, when accepting the role of food services manager at the school district, was reviewing /enhancing the menus to include more nutrition and beauty to what was already being offered.

I’ve always noticed the herded element found in most academic institutions and link this to a kind of lack of respect that flows both ways between students/staff of any kind, after a few years, say 8, in the k-12 system. Of course, in order to accomplish 500 meals in 4.5 hours there is much in the details that needs to be routine, simple, quick, no questions asked, deal with it.

After taking the pictures of our school lunches the last few days I have reconfirmed for myself just how ugly those trays are….and vow to do something about it……and I can through the blessed sense of possibility and purpose of our superintendent when he purchased china and serviceware for 250 people a few years back.

I will have to pick the menus that are easily held by a 10 inch plate, and serve the high school first to see how well they can handle the change with minimal breakage. Over time the esthetics will seep into their souls through their eyes, make them feel more human, more thought about, more cared for. Because I do.



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