The Scone Test

It was lively and fragrant today in the Culinary Arts Room. Students were excited to bake on their own for the first time. This is a review of the ability to read and make sense of a recipe, to follow general kitchen protocols, to analyze some of the steps and ask pertinent questions, to create an acceptable product, and clean up in a timely manner.

I believe that all students did well, some have a higher skill level in reading and analysis of text, some have excellent recall of past baking observations. There is also the measure of how well they can work together, a skill unto itself.

Here are the results:

IMG_0144IMG_0142IMG_0152Chocolate chip with orange zest was the favorite mix of additions.

I find that students most often are confused by the T. and t., and are a bit unsure of which utensils to use at critical times. Don’t these look great? The recipe required 8 wedges and there they are! On each pan!


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