This was the summer……

we ate home grown tomatoes everyday and gave them away like zucchini…

I slept outside all night more often than I can remember as an adult…..

we should have grown eggplant and pasilla peppers….

a bat flew in as we had all the windows and doors open….

the humpies were jumping in Skagit Bay…

Bruce tried canning pears for the first time….

the first without my mom….the longer she has been gone the more I miss her….is it supposed to be like this?

I finished every book I started…..

I was able to bring the boat to the dock in the channel without bashing into it…..

I came to a new understanding of grief and how to be with others in the midst of it….

i’ve loved drinking iced coffees with soymilk and vanilla in the afternoons….

i’ve felt clearly how precious each day has been, is, and not to sleep through any more of what time I have left in this body….

to celebrate every bit of every thing, all the yeses and nos, all the clarity and the fumbling….

Here’s the pears in a before and after scene:



some of the tomatoes we are eating….


some of the salmon….



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