Apples for the School Lunch

I haven’t cooked or baked a thing all weekend which seems a bit odd. I did fry up some hearty french bread slices, slather on the cheese, basil and home grown tomatoes for lunch and dinners but it doesn’t count as cooking, for me.

I went out to one of my favorite places, Gordon’s Skagit Farm, to pick up some lovely Gala apples for tomorrows school lunch. The jonagolds are not quite ready yet, we will serve some of those next week. Here are some photos from the farm…..I will have more in the weeks to come as the squash ripen, the Indian corn is picked, and of course, the scary pumpkins arrive at the stand.





You can imagine how satisfying it is to be able to serve really fresh, really local food to our students and staff. We support their health, we support our local neighborhood farms, and we support the planet by not spending very much oil to get this food. You can click on the link for Gordon Skagit Farms to learn more about them. Eddie Gordon is the artist who paints the signs and paintings that embellish the stand.


One Response to “Apples for the School Lunch”

  1. robert Says:

    Wrong thing to do, looking at your site, in the morning, before breakfast. I am famished, now. It hurts to see all those photos of food and my saliva glands are screaming. Thanks a lot for not warning me! Damn, I’m hungry. Hard to read poetry and philosophy when the body is clamoring for crab and clam stew, or something equally appropriate. Good stuff, otherwise. I will go home and make top ramen and then, fortified, return for a serving of poetry and philosophy.

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