Learning to Bake

It is day seven in Culinary Arts and here is evidence of understanding.


As I worked to complete my teacher-page on the school website on Friday after school, I mused on the four prompts I use from the AVID program: Reading, Writing, Inquiry and Collaboration. I made a short list of some techniques I use. I think about what I want my students to be able to do ultimately. On the one hand it would be wonderful for them to continue to be amazed and inspired, naive even, as they begin to understand how the mind can work for them. You know, the beginner’s mind.

On the other hand, it is important to wake up to how the world works so that they can begin to make the best choices, be aggressive on their own behalf, be skeptical of other agendas. See the big picture. Step out of their small comfort zone.

One of my favorite exercises is the research paper designed to help them broaden, or change, their minds. We start out with a premise, a belief, a hope even, about a food, a cuisine, anything having to do with food, add some prompting questions and turn them loose on the world wide web. As the data rolls in, call it discovery, we begin the parsing of information, how is the premise holding up? Was our belief more of a hunch that turns out to be a well-supported and validated statement of fact? Or does the prevailing information lead us to new conclusions about our belief?

All this from a muffin…..


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