Late in the Day, Full Moon this Evening

Here are some photos of this afternoons activities. The area where our pots are placed is Hat Island, just to the east of Guemes Island, part of the San Juan Islands. The crab pot has both Dungeness, big, and Rock, smaller with dark red color.



Here is our Captain at the helm. Monk barks at each crab as it comes aboard, we think it is a greeting.



We found 5 dungeness and 3 rock crab tonight. The cooker is on and we will have fresh crab for Phyllis, Bruces mom, Barbara, who roasts our coffee, and my sister, who has been a vegetarian for many years and is now eating a bit of crab and salmon for protein and omega 3s.

We put in a handful of rock salt or sea salt for every gallon of water in the pot. Cook for 12 minutes and remove to iced down water. Clean as soon as you can handle the shells. Some like it still warm. Some prefer it cold. If you would like a simple sauce for the crab I think mayonnaise with a bit of tomato flavor and just a touch of horse radish, used sparingly is nice.


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