Culinary Arts First Day of Class

I am not able to show any students yet, until they sign off on an agreement to be photo-ed. So this is what my white board looks like today…..I like to give them some latin and obscure cooking and science terms to look at and think about, then figure out what the menu item listed is in everyday school lunch language. Can you guess what this food (?) is?

And here are two  of our beautiful kitchen stations. Notice the lovely pink and green mixers. We love our kitchenAid Mixers. Students often pick their stations by the mixer colors. Of course we have black, white, and lime green too. Our next classes will be on how to do dishes properly, scrub the sink because, frankly, a kitchen sink often is more dangerous than a toilet, because, because! We don’t think to really clean our sinks…..months of food scum percolating into myriads of microbes just waiting to jump onto your hands….oh, pictures…..



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