Lunch Lady/Cooking Teacher

So, this is my real job, or, the activity for which I am paid, or what thrills me that I get to do everyday, fall, winter, spring. I make menus for our school lunches, chat with and order foods from giant food distributors, local farms, and small, devoted, food purveyors. The menus must be nutritionally correct per the National School Lunch Program brought to us by the USDA and the Washington State OSPI. And it is! Sometimes I go overboard on the butter, which shows up under saturated fats. So, I modify, modify, modify with olive oil.

I like to help teach 4th and 5th graders more about nutrition using the standard school lunch tray, you remember that old plastic tray, don’t you? I show them how I make a lunch menu for the day, filling in each one of those compartments. After some practice and ideas, I have the class make up a menu for 1 day that we will serve to the whole school. The most popular entree has been the Ice Cream Sundae. We use a plain Klondike bar, with banana slices placed on either side, and the commodities sliced, frozen strawberries, 1/4 cup, ladled on top, with a garnish of whipped cream, real, out of a pastry bag. It takes one other server to prepare this on the line, but it is worth it in happiness

I ask students and parents what they want to be eating. I make up new recipes, talk to staff about how we could possibly make them in quantities of 500 because that is our target number every day for lunch. You can go to the LaConner School District website and click on the food services to learn about what we are doing. Thanks for reading!


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