The Late August Garden

From the Garden Gate at the Southwest Corner

We’re gathering in armloads of zucchini, great and small, green beans for several families every two days, sweet fingerling carrots that do not seem to mind the gentle pull from their beds, first of some blue/purple kale, and basil, basil, basil……the church bells are ringing at the top of the hill right now…..9am services beginning. Of course, my church is everywhere……right now overwhelmed by the incense of damp mint and Asiatic Lilies just past full arc of petal.

Maxine's Garden, I'll tell you why it is hers later.


2 Responses to “The Late August Garden”

  1. Crissa Says:

    Sounds like you go to the same church I do. Must be why I feel close to you as I read your blog. I love this.

    • sweetcomice Says:

      Oh, I am so glad you come looking sometimes. I am trying to write for me but it is always nice to see the little counter going up. We think about you guys a lot. Know it must be so thrilling getting close to that big day. I am glad you have special plans and wish we could be sitting seaside with that ice cold beverage too. Let’s visit some time soon ok? XOXO

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