Late August Reverie

That last picture I posted…….sorry! I’m not quite up to speed on all the tools here in blog world. But I will figure it out. Sort of looks s t r e t c h e d out, life is like that sometimes…..

We’re experiencing intensely clear nights with clear sunrise, then a bit of fog, just what happens when autumn might be coming….but I am betting we have heat and late summer, plenty of time for tomatoes to ripen and those late fruiting butternut squash to mature. Not to mention corn that was planted too late… keeping my fingers crossed for some sweet white corn about September 20. I know, that’s way late, but there were things happening in May, my mom passed away, and the weather was very cold. We picked a short season corn variety to make up the time.

Do you think when summer comes to late August that we experience sadness a bit deeper because for so long that time meant “back to school you little critters!”? My mom was always sad because she liked having us home, playing games in the yard, picking stuff out of the garden, using the sprinkler as a fountain to play in, just like the one at the Seattle Center, except Ours had grass around the whole thing. I think my mom played Hawaiian music on her stereo sometimes while we were out under the showers. She was first class….

Yesterday was a strange day…if you have read about me you know I teach at a high school, Culinary Arts, so I have had the summer to do many things: take obedience classes with Monk the Pup, learn to pilot the boat and go crabbing and fishing, finish up all the paperwork that has to do with teaching and taking more classes myself, do some research on more local farms to purchase food from for school lunches, visit with friends who have recently lost a close loved-one….too Many! Went to the Oregon Coast for a week with my sister, the first with her in a long time since we’ve been taking care of mom for a few years.

So, it was, yesterday, a day I decided to do nothing but finish the last Harry Potter book, and start the latest Barbara Kingsolver….maybe play games with Monk and take him for a walk along the channel dike where he can get really wet and dirty. There was something about the atmosphere that kept my mind going to the dark side…..”are you sure you don’t have something important to do? Can you really just do nothing today? Aren’t there plans to make for school you have forgotten? Hey, maybe you’re not such a great teacher anyway! I just know you are forgetting something you must do……people just don’t take a day and do nothing! You are way out of line here sister!”  I managed to finish the Harry Potter laying out in my little sun spot in the yard…..but it was rough going. What is that all about? I am a very positive person, my glass is way over half full. Is the summer over now and I just don’t know it? Time to slip into the days where every moment is planned? Have I shifted too soon?


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