Details on the Crab BLT

I worried for a moment about the excess of crab and bacon in the same sandwich. Yet seafood and a solid smokey flavor do mix wonderfully. I used about 8 crab leg sections for the sandwich but could use about 1/2 cup of pieces, and 2 pieces of thick cut bacon, firmly cooked yet not crispy. Please do not use a maple flavor bacon. This will ruin the flavor mix. A good smokey bacon.

I added a few drops of lemon juice to the mayonnaise that was spread on the top piece of toast that would face the crab. I am thinking more would be better! And maybe even a few drops of chipotle…….or use lime juice instead of both. You try it and let me know…..I will report back.

I’m wondering now about thinly! sliced red onion. Too much? I’d put it between the tomato and bacon….by the way, if you can’t see in the photo. it begins with toast, mayonnaise, a romaine leaf, thin sliced tomato, from our garden, yippee, the bacon, each cut in half for four pieces to fit across, then the crab, then the top toast with amended mayo. The basil leaves are for garnish, and just to have that incredible perfume while we eat.

I asked my husband if he would order this in a restaurant and he said probably not. He is not a crab eater away from home.  We both grew up eating crab, seafood was cheap and plentiful, and have both spent years avoiding it out of boredom…..let those who rarely get to eat it have all they want. But since we got our little boat last year and can get out to where the food is…..well, we are crazy for these critters. And sharing.

On the same trip for this batch of crab we also caught a 5 lb. humpy. These are salmon. Some folks don’t think they are very good to eat. They are very good to eat. You just need to clean and eat them right away because they do deteriorate quickly. I think one should clean them right out of the water and get them on ice. Then prepare and eat as soon as you get home……this precludes catching more than you can eat……freezing is a sad thing for a humpy.

So, start the BBQ, charcoal and a few apple prunings……lay the headed, gutted  fish out. Cut along the back bone down, for two fillets, bones in. Leave the skin.

Brush with a mixture of salted butter and lemon juice. Lay the fillets flesh side down on the hot grill. Don’t touch it!. Let it sizzle for 5-6 minutes, then the flesh caramelizes, edges get crispy, and the whole thing will turn over easily, you’ve heard of the Maillard effect?  Allow it to cook for no more than 5 more minutes. This depends on how thick the fish is and a 5 lb. humpy fillet is about half an inch at the thickest part. Remember that most proteins continue cooking off the fire and so you can take it off slightly undercooked, blah, blah, blah. I like slightly raw fish as long as I know where it came from and who cooked it.

I have a habit of laying  the garlic on fish……really though, the butter, lemon, and hint of smoke, charcoal and apple wood are so great.

Green beans out of the garden with some salt and pepper. If you have baby roasted potatoes lying around that would be good too. Put the herbs on the potatoes….leave the fish alone.


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