A Primer on our Crab

So, I’ve assumed you knew what crab I’ve been catching and eating. This is Dungeness country. We also have Rock crab in these waters but I usually send these back. They are not as flavorful and their shells are very hard. They will be slightly smaller in size, reddish in color, and have a pair of huge foreclaws, like they spend way too much time on their upper body at the gym.

Dungeness live in the Pacific waters off of the coast from California to Alaska. We eat the males only, with a hard shell, and they must be at least 6.25 inches across the back, those little notches at the sides are where you measure. I’m talking state of Washington here, and in fact, a very particular region of Puget Sound. Each area has slightly different rules, and open dates. You must consult your state/local fish and game department.

Back to Dungeness……the meat is sweet and buttery. It will work with so many other flavors….garlic/ginger…..lemon……capers/dill……..what ever you use, a light touch. If to say we were cooking French we’d go cuisine nuvelle as opposed to a heavy cream sauce……thank you Jacques Pepin!  Not that I have anything against heavy cream. Just that we want the crab to shine.


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