Ripened Canteloup

So, in a few days we’ll pick the ones that appear to be ripening. They turn from greenish with a slight stripe to dusty and no stripe. You can shake them gently and listen to the rattle of loosening seeds, but sometimes by then they are over-ripe.

If it is raining everyday it will be important to lift each melon still attached to the vine onto a small piece of paper or a nice warm flat stone. This will keep the earth side from damp and rot/mold. We need to keep ’em happy.

How to eat the first of the crop? Depends on time of day I suppose. Or, how hungry you are. I like to wash the outside rind before cutting… a garden hose and a sharp knife might be all you need….stand near the compost so you can scoop the insides out, cut slices and use front teeth to scrunch the flesh in. Toss the rind in the pile too. This is always an exciting moment in the garden…..whether it is melon or green beans or pea pods, sweet corn. Eat it seconds off the stem.

Or if I’m looking for lunch I might cut the melon up with some avocado and tomatoes, fresh mint and basil.

There is nothing better for an appetizer than thin sliced canteloup with St. Andre cheese on a crisp water cracker with a glass of champagne.

Or… the morning a few blueberries, canteloup and some full fat greek yogurt in the blender.

Tell me, how would you eat your first melon of the season?


2 Responses to “Ripened Canteloup”

  1. Crissa Says:

    After riding all day on a motorcycle in the Utah desert, stop at a local melon stand and ask the young woman to cut the canteloup in four sections, scoop out the inside, carry back to waiting friends and plant your face in the middle of it, wearing the juice as a badge of honor.

    • sweetcomice Says:

      Hey, that sounds like a yummy way to eat.
      We just came back from crabbing – 5 Dungeness and 3 really big rock. There are pictures on the blog. thanks so much for reading and responding. It is thrilling to be read, and thrilling just to be writing, creating something. Smooches to you and Brad!

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