Part Two of Our Story

All day, as I moved from one tree shaded table to the next, unfolding and laying out translucent sea green cloths over an undercloth of white, placing waters, wines, flutes at each setting, lining up hors ‘d oeuvres fork, salad fork, dinner fork, teaspoon, knife and dessert spoon, taking the ecru napkins, one after another, from square to triangle, folding over the base two inches, wrapping the ends around the back, tucking the right end into the left, propping the mitres cap in place, inserting the pale blue menu card into the fold, I had been aware of you up in the kitchen, filleting the fish with your sharp knives, blanching the beans, peeling pears and peaches, critiquing the final canapé presentation.

The day metered out in an old rhythm, a ritual set in motion by desire and the answer to a certain question, a question which upon answering, the rise and fall of empires has been predicated. Who knows how far Bill Clinton would have risen, or fallen, if Hillary had said “no”. How many times did Jennifer Lopez have to say “yes” to finally find her Marc Anthony, how many times did Elizabeth Taylor say “yes” to her Marc Anthony? And how many avoid the question all together, for all it portends, for thousands of years, perhaps our greatest leap of faith?

All precipitating this tremendous coming together here and now, of truth and beauty, embraced and enclosed by this finely wrought repast:

Barbara & Kenneth’s  Wedding Feast

A Delicious Assortment of Afternoon Canapés

The Wedding Ceremony

Seared Divers Scallop with Lemon Beure Blanc
Pinot Gris

Butter Lettuce Leaves topped with sliced poached Pear, Caramelized Pecans, with
Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Grilled Sesame Encrusted Sea Bass napped with a
Peach, Ginger and Wasabe Sauce
Wild Rice and Fresh Wokked Green Beans
Pinot Noir

Followed by the Wedding Toast

The Cake – Chocolate Tiramisu with Fresh Raspberries
Coffee and Port

It was you who suggested how beautifully the lemon and butter would segue into butter lettuce, pear, and apple cider flavors, how exciting to then taste the floral of peach, the almost apple-like spice of fresh ginger and that supremely Asian heat from wasabe. I could think of no other accompaniment to fresh sea bass that would elevate it to the celebratory state we were hoping to present to our guests.  The tables, understated in color warm as though picked that sun filled afternoon, with a touch of fireworks here and there, mimicking the sparkle of vibrant tangerine seed pearls scattered across the bridal dress were perfect, and we were satisfied.

And the day poured forth. Every fold of fabric, each bit of sun reflected off glass


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